October 28, 2022

Linda Carrara takes part in the group exhibition How far should we go? at Fondazione ICA Milano

ICA Milano
How Far Should We Go?

Curated by Rossella Farinotti

28.10.2022 — 23.12.2022

Fondazione ICA Milano presents, from Friday October 28 to Friday December 23, 2022, the group exhibition How far should we go? curated by Rossella Farinotti.

The focus of the exhibition is on landscape, deepened and explored from multiple points of view through the works of eight Italian artists, different from each other in generation and linguistic code: Linda Carrara, Lucia Cristiani, Cleo Fariselli, Ettore Favini, Irene Fenara, Silvia Mariotti, Giovanni Oberti and Alice Ronchi.

The title of the exhibition originates from the 2019 work Wherever Yugo, I go by Lucia Cristiani, which featured the phrase "How far should I go to make something of myself?” etched with acid on the windshield of a Yugo, a small and iconic car popular in the former Yugoslavia. The question, while seemingly simple, triggers a reflection focused on the state of mind that frequently pervades those who embark on a journey with a certain sensibility, paving the way for a collective exploration focused on the theme of formalizing the landscape in its multiple interpretations. From the imaginary sceneries that populate our dreams to the real ones captured by the camera, How far should we go? places in dialogue an ecosystem of different works and installations that find their own point of contact in the attempt to escape an increasingly complex and unregulated system.

The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet with texts by Rossella Farinotti, Matilde Galletti and Annika Pettini and enriched by a calendar of meetings, co-curated by Matilde Galletti, aimed at exploring the issues highlighted in the exhibition.