Installation view at Iragui gallery, Moscow
Installation view at Iragui gallery, Moscow
As Good as Lost
June 19, 2024-July 12, 2024

There is a children’s game called “In the safe house”. Well, maybe the game is a bit of a strong word, rather it’s part of the game, one of its main rules. When a child says: “I’m in the safe house,” no one can touch him or tag him. He is temporarily out of the game, hidden and safe.

Everyone has their own home: a bird has its nest, a bear has its den, a catfish has something under a snag, a dog has its sheet, a mouse has its burrow, a wasp has its waspen grove… no, wait, it’s an aspen grove, and the wasps live in the corner of the dacha barn. Well, and, of course, people. Each of us makes his house cozy and decorates it to the best of his financial capabilities and aesthetic preferences.

Family is a foundation for any home. First, home is people, and this is exactly what one of the popular essay topics in high school sounds like. Home is our bond. Dom (‘home’) and domostroy, by the way, are words with the same root.

You can’t carry your home away on the soles of your shoes. No, stop, this one is not about home, it is about the Motherland. We’re talking about home here: “As for us, we have gas in our apartment” Chu! And maybe Antonov sings “Under the roof of your house…”, or the wind howls, you can’t tell… By the way, does the wind have a home?
No, the wind has no home.

As I already mentioned, everyone tries to create their own cozy place and its interior. In this regard, I would like to recall the story how the singer of the American punk / garage band The Cramps came up with his stage name “Lux Interior”. And here how it happened. One day, being in, so to speak, a very high state of mind, he saw a billboard on the street advertising a furniture and interiors store with the words Lux Interior. “Luxury interiors” in English. And in Latin these very words mean “Inner Light.”
What if there is inner light in the art objects of this exhibition? Yes, but rather reflected.

Well, the house in the highest degree, its sublimation, the house über alles, is, of course, a coffin. After all, what is life? Moving from one room to another. I sat here, lay there and dreamed, ate here and talked on the phone… And then you move into the smallest room… But for now, we live as best we can and decorate with what God sent.

Alexey Andreev