25.01.2020 - 11.02.2020

| 9 paintings Vaya Adelante

This new year Iragui gallery pursues its program of cooperation and support for partner galleries and artists associations that was initiated three years ago by joint projects with galleries in London and Milan. We are very pleased to have Art Business Consulting association and particularly its founder Maxim Ilyukhin with us at the new exhibition.

In December 2019, the Dutch label Shimmering Moods Records released the album “Vaya Adelante” by Ivan Kurbakov’s music project mpala garoo, with Maxim Ilyukhin making the album cover and performing on the record as a musician. Maxim Ilyukhin and Ivan Kurbakov – the men behind the exhibition – are presenting an extended version of this project, where the music album is complemented by a series of paintings, ceramics and video installations. The exhibition will be held at the Iragui gallery from January 25 to February 11, 2020 and will also include several musical events, poetry readings and public talk on the topic of open and secret art communities.

In “9 paintings VAYA ADELANTE,” the artists work with a symbolic representation of human nature. The Chinese character “Ren” looks like two lines converging at the top and diverging towards the bottom, and mostly resembles a person in motion, a walking person. It can also be interpreted as the intersection of two trajectories: a meeting, an event, a special point. It is this character, changed several times, that is repeated on the CD-cover. The person’s ability to quickly change their identities and move between virtual worlds is responded either with refrain or with its opposite in these paintings, where a person is just a creature in perpetual movement.

The “real” movement experience is represented by video installations shot in Portugal and California as in places that refer to the concepts of “old” and “new” worlds. The Portugal video is filled with images from alchemical gardens, statues, castles and fountains; whilst the California video shows driving along the night highway from the Fossil Falls desert to the city of Los Angeles. The opposition of the natural / historical in the musical dimension gets a new pair – analog / digital.


About the artists


Maxim Ilyukhin

Russian artist, musician and performer.

He is best known for his project of the non-profit gallery at ART Strelka cultural center (Moscow, Russia) from 2004 to 2009, and then at ARTPLAY design center from 2011 to 2013. The ABC Gallery (website: http://abc-group.ru) has become a logical continuation of the activity by the art group of the same name (Maxim Ilyukhin, Natalya Struchkova and Mikhail Kosolapov) which was announced in 2001 as an “artists corporation”, with an ordinary office being labeled as an exhibition technique and texture. Thus, the artists defiantly renounced the elitist and messianistic attitude to the viewer, the “little man”, the office clerk.

Maxim Ilyukhin is a participant of exhibitions at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMоMA) and the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM). His performances were shown at Winzavod center for contemporary art, Fabrika center for creative industries, ART Strelka, the Solyanka gallery, the Ground gallery, the Peresvetov Lane gallery, the Brut Theater (Vienna, Austria).

Ilyukhin currently teaches at the British Higher School of Art & Design (Moscow, Russia).


Ivan Kurbakov

Poet, film director, audio and video artist.

He studied at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute (2006-2011), graduated from the film direction department of the Moscow School of New Cinema (2013-2016). Participant of improvisation courses by Vladimir Gorlinsky at the Moscow Conservatory (2016-2017). Curator of the “Celebration of the On-going” project, an ensemble of musicians-improvisers working with poetic texts in the musical space.

His concerts and performances took place at the Fabula Gallery (“Mirrored Music”, '108' Exhibition, 2019), at the Solyanka Gallery (“Compositional Map to the Singing Path”, 2019), at the Electrotheatre, at the Gallery of Experimental Sound (GES, Saint-Petersburg, 2017-2018), at the New Space of the Theater of Nations (“Things and Directions” film installation, 2017), at the Madame Claude club (Berlin, 2010).

Kurbakov's poems and essays were published in [Translit] magazine.
Author of the poetry book “Let him sing” (Argo-Risk Publ. house, 2019)

Filmography: Pleroma, 2015 (54 min, fiction film), Things and Directions, 2017 (25 min, film installation), A Person Grows up Sleeping, 2018 (28 min, fiction film)