01.07.2020 - 31.08.2020

L'Intelligence des fleurs

Iragui gallery is delighted to show the project of Georgy Litichevsky in Moscow. It was created for participation in Art Brussels art fair in 2019.

Georgy Litichevsky’s project is inspired by the text of Maurice Maeterlinck, who is only remembered today by cultural historians, despite having been incredibly popular at the beginning of the last century.
In the project, Maeterlinck encounters Anton Chekhov, the Russian writer and dramatist, who, despite all the differences in their creative approaches and outlooks, was a very active promoter of the work of his Belgian colleague in Russia, particularly on the Russian stage. A diffusion of the texts of Chekhov and Maeterlinck takes place. Depicted in the blue tones of Gzhel porcelain, the comic strip, rendered on fabric, turns The Seagull (from the play of the same name by Chekhov) and The Blue Bird into a single being, a Blue Phoenix, as it were, that enters into a discussion-dialogue with intelligent flowers. Over the course of this discussion-dialogue, issues posed by the two writers are revitalized – from the crossroads that lies ahead of civilization in the world to evolution and ecology, their plays and essays are interpreted as tracts on aesthetics and artistic manifestos that resonate with the issues of contemporary art.
The comic is complimented with vertical works on fabric bearing quotations from Maetherlinck’s tracts, depictions of flowers and his portrait.

Georgy Litichevsky