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Feb 8th-11th | 2018 | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Artists: Olga Chernysheva, Nikita Alexeev and Maria Arendt
Graphic cabinet artists: Pavel Pepperstein, Viktor Pivovarov, Arkadiy Nasonov

Booth: M13

For the booth at Art Rotterdam fair Galerie Iragui would like to suggest speculation on non-anthropocentric approach to nature through the works of Russian artists Maria Arendt, Nikita Alexeev and Olga Chernysheva.

In the drawings of Olga Chernysheva human figures resemble to animals and plants, while  captions in others describe animals in the terms usually applied to people.

For ironic series “Dialectical Drawings” Nikita Alexeev collected sticks that had been tossed up onto the shore by the sea in Greek village. He placed them in groups of three and imagined the dialectical  conversation they could have -  “Why?” “Because.” “So what, then?”

In the embroideries “Inversions of the female” Maria Arendt examines female insects and arachnids which proved the ability to asexual reproduction. Sometimes it results in unrecognizable modified forms, actively reproducing and forming various morphological abnormalities. Works of Maria Arendt extrapolate its possible outcomes.

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